Why I Rarely Recommend Melatonin


Every patient that I work with, even if coming in for a musculoskeletal issues, gets evaluated for their nutritional status.  As part of their intake, they are asked to declare what medications and supplements they are currently taking and for what reason.  I often see melatonin on that list, with the most common reason being […]

Is Physical Movement the Most Important Thing We Do?


I believe one of the most important things we do is to physically move.  One should strive for continuously improving our movement capability.  So why is moving so important?  Let’s take a look at the impact movement can have on just one aspect of our nervous system. The cerebellum is incredible.  It has a really […]

Neurology Revolution


A revolution that is quietly happening is the healthcare field.  No longer is it enough to study endocrinology, it is now moving towards neuroendocrinology.  No longer is it enough to study immunology, it is now moving towards neuroimmunology.  The list goes on and on. But it isn’t enough to just study those individual fields.  Those […]

Fuel and Activation for Your Brain

Donuts to fuel your brain

For a neuron, and thus your nervous system to stay alive and function optimally, it needs two things: Fuel & Activation. The fuel comes in the form of oxygen and glucose.  You might be thinking, “What do you mean oxygen? I’m breathing right now aren’t I?”  And yes, you are most likely breathing if you […]

Which part of the Brain?

Picture of the statue of the thinker

More and more often, as trainers, physical therapists and doctors start wrapping their own brains around neurology, and you’ll hear comments like “the most important tool in training is training your brain.” And while it makes me happy to hear that, since it really is a step forward in regards to the typical less evolved […]

Hello world!

Well here we go.  I am here to share my ideas about health, fitness, neurology, and pretty much anything else that manages to catch my interest.  I hope you enjoy what you find here. FXG